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Nitric Oxide Therapy Helped Me With My Stage Three Kidney Disease

I was diagnosed with stage three kidney disease.  Someone shared nitric oxide therapy with me.  The result has been the following:  My blood pressure went from 190/100 to 140/76. My creatinine levels dropped from 1.73 to 1.04.  The pressure in my left eye has gone from 22 down to 7.  And the wound on my big toe that wouldn't heal is now healed.

Dan Geroy

Nitric Oxide Therapy Helped Me With My Peripheral Arterial Disease

As you can see by my picture I am not 29.  In fact, I'm now in my 70s.  In 2007 I was diagnosed with Peripheral Arterial Disease, which caused me severe leg pain.  My pain was so bad that I couldn't walk without pain.  Then my cardiologist recommended the amino acid L-arginine.  In 6 weeks I experienced a 50% improvement in blood flow.  As I did research in this area I came across information on Nitric Oxide Therapy.  And as I added additional ingredients to optimize my nitric oxide production, I experienced the following:

  • My doctor has taken me off all medications
  • My blood pressure is back in the normal range going from 155/90 to 110/67
  • My cholesterol has gone from over 215 to 191

And at my last ABI test my cardiologist stated that I had “the arteries of a 29 year old.” Now I want to help others enjoy the benefits of Nitric Oxide Therapy.

Donald Clarke

Take Care of Your Body for It's the Only Place You Have to Live

I like that statement for it reflects my goal to stay healthy. At almost 74 years old, I have been successful at meeting this goal.

How do I know?

Having tested me, my natural practitioner tells me that she knows of no one my age with results like mine – she says I have the results of her teenage children!

My approach to this has been through proper eating, regular exercise, and taking supplements to support my body.

In other words, I did not wait until I had a symptom that needed to be fixed, but instead worked to prevent any symptoms (illnesses) from entering my body.

In 2010 I was introduced to a health and wellness company called Synergy World Wide. I was excited to learn that there are supplements that could help me maintain my good health for the long term.

My first product of choice was ProArgi-9+ to address arterial and heart health through Nitric Oxide Therapy. This product has been recognized for the last 6 year, by the medical profession, as “the best L-arginine supplement in the world.” And, it has been clinically proven to prevent vascular inflammation, which is the leading cause of most cardiovascular concerns.

After enjoying the benefits of ProArgi-9+, I added to my daily intake:

Essential Greens, which gives me the nutrients I need that are depleted from the vegetables I eat.

Mistica, which provides me with the antioxidants I need to prevent free radicals from damaging by body.

Liquid Chlorophyll, which keeps my blood pure so that all the cells in my body are properly nourished.

e9, which gives me a daily energy boost to keep me going and be able to do all that I need to do with a positive outlook.

Biome DTX, which to keep my body detoxed, internally clean, and helps to address any “Leaky Gut” issues.

And last, but not least, the Trulum skin care products, which keep my skin healthy so I can look as young as I can for as long as I can! My friends tell me that my skin glows.

This may seem like a lot to take. But the results are worth it.

To not experience the pain and agony, plus the inconvenience of illness (chronic disease) is worth every penny spent. I would imagine that in the long-run, my approach is costing me much less. . .

Betsy Bartlett

Nitric Oxide Therapy Helped Me Address Cardiovascular Health Concerns

Hi my name is Jeff Waldrop and I've undergone a remarkable transformation as I've effectively applied nitric oxide therapy to my life.  Now I want to share this with others.  It all started as I searched YouTube for natural ways to address my cardiovascular health concerns. This is when I came across a series of videos by Dan Hammer and how he explained that there are other key ingredients that can help optimize nitric oxide production.

As I applied this information I started losing weight and my blood pressure began to come down.  Even my doctor noticed the positive changes especially since my blood work improved.  At the time of this testimonial I've lost 44 pounds, significantly reduced my insulin intake, my energy has improved, and my blood pressure is back to normal.  I'm a firm believer in the power of Nitric Oxide Therapy to improve blood flow and naturally address cardiovascular health concerns. 

Jeff Waldrop

Nitric Oxide Therapy Helped Me Address My Diabetic Health

I was Blessed that someone shared this information with me.  It made a positive difference in my diabetic health.  I no longer need any of my medications.  So I started the Hispanic Health Initiative to share this information with others my community.  And I've witnessed first hand some incredible health improvements that are helping our Hispanic family and friends once again experience good health.

David Muñoz

Nitric Oxide Therapy Helped Me Enjoy The Benefits of This Miracle Molecule

I'm a firm believer that there is a simple, but powerful way to naturally regain your health and vitality.  It's based in Nobel Prize winning science that effectively harnesses the power of the Miracle Molecule Nitric Oxide.  Here's how it has helped me:

  • My blood pressure is back in the normal range going from 150/75 to 114/67
  • My energy levels have significantly improved
  • I no longer need glasses for driving
  • And I am no longer a Type II Diabetic and my cholesterol went from 160 to 110

Now I want to help others experience what I've experienced through Nitric Oxide Therapy by sharing this information through The Million Lives Project.

​Sid Milch

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​​​​Dan Hammer