Blessing Lives With Better Health

As We Build a Vibrant Network Marketing Business in Synergy Worldwide

Microbiome Research 

To Naturally Reset a
Person's Gut Health

Our Product of Choice: 
The Purify Kit and
Other Biome Products

Our Synergy Family is committed to your success. We work as a team and provide you with marketing strategies, tools, and resources designed to empower you to be Elite Honors Qualified, which is the building block of your Synergy business.

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Welcome to Our Microbiome Research Marketing Strategy! 

This page is designed to help you develop your marketing strategy for the Microbiome. How you can naturally reset a person's gut health to address abdominal distress, autoimmune diseases, improved health and wellness, and weight management issues.  We've organized this page in the following manner to make it easier to find information:

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    Right Side – contains quick links to all our key resource tools as well as general informational videos like Synergy Worldwide's Dual Linear Mega Match Compensation plan. 
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    Left Side – contains our training videos to help you harness the power of the 10 10 Club. There are three sections: Introductory videos, Customer Acquisition videos, and Business Builder videos.

If you have any questions or need help, then please contact your Synergy Worldwide sponsor or you can contact me directly:

Dan Hammer
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Let's Get Started Blessing Lives With Better Health as You Build a Vibrant Network Marketing Business in Synergy Worldwide

Training Videos

Our training videos will provide you with a systematic approach to building your customer base and helping you attract business builders.

Please start with our introductory videos and then use the rest of the videos to harness the benefits of Our 10 10 Club.

Introductory Videos

Introductory Video on How to Use This Page

Understand Your Market

Unique Selling Properties

Acquiring Customers
The First 10 of the 
10 10 Club

How to Create Cash Flow Using the Microbiome Marketing Strategy

PDF for the Above Presentation - How to Create Cash Flow Using the Microbiome Marketing Strategy

Creating Cash Flow Through Customers

Marketing 101

Attracting Business Builders
The Second 10 of the 
10 10 Club

Key Resource Tools

Click on the image and it will redirect you to either a landing page or video that will give you more information about that key tool.

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Download Our Microbiome 
Research eBook

Download Our Purify Manual

Order Your Copy of The
Microbiome Solution

Microbiome PDFs and Fact Sheets
from Synergy Worldwide

Leaky Gut Survey

Download The Purify Kit Summary Sheet

Download the Purify Kit - FAQ

Download the Purify Pathway Infographic

Download the Clinical Study - Fortify Infographic

Biome Shake
Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Biome DTX
Fact Sheet

Biome Actives 
Fact Sheet

Body Prime 
Fact Sheet

Current Microbiome Videos from Synergy Worldwide and
Our Synergy Family

General Overview of the Microbiome

General Overview of the Purify Kit

Watch Our Microbiome Research

Watch this Testimonial on how The Purify Kit Helped with Fibromyalgia

Additional Videos to Help You Understand Synergy Worldwide

Video on Synergy Worldwide's
Compensation Plan

Video on Proper Sponsoring and
Placement Techniques

Video on Understanding
The Elite Honors Program

Video on Monthly Autoship

Video on Understanding
Banked Volume

Questions or Need Help then Please Contact

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Dan Hammer

Blessing Lives with Better Health

As We Build a Vibrant Network Marketing Business in Synergy Worldwide