Understanding Synergy Worldwide's Dual Linear Mega Match Compensation Plan

Start Here - Overview Video!

This video is give you a great overview of Synergy Worldwide's compensation plan.

A plan that provides us with 7 streams of income to help us create both cash flow 

 and residual income to be successful. 

Then watch the additional videos below to help you understand each one of these streams of income.  How each one rewards your hard work and effort.  

Video #1

   Retail Profits

Video #2

   Elite Rebates

Video #3

   Fast Start Bonuses

Video #4

   Basic Commissions

Video #5

   Mega Matches

Video #6

   Leadership Bonuses

Video #7

   Banked Volume

Video #8

   Rank Advancement

Additional Videos to Help You With

Proper Sponsoring and Placement!

Below you will find two videos.  One is on how to properly fill out the "Getting Started" form for a new distributor.  

The second video is all about proper sponsoring and placement so that you can effectively build your Synergy organization to help you maximize their compensation plan.   Plus we provide you with a PDF that you can print off as a reminder on how to place new distributors in the left and right legs of your Synergy organization.

Click on the Video above for instructions on how to properly enroll and active a new Synergy Worldwide distributor.

Click on the Video above for our Saturday 10-20-19 presentation on Proper Sponsoring and Placement Techniques to maximize the Synergy Compensation Plan

Download and/or print off our PDF for proper sponsoring and placement.

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