Blessing Lives With Better Health

As We Build a Vibrant Network Marketing Business in Synergy Worldwide

10 10 Club

A Systematic Approach
To Building Your

Synergy Worldwide


Designed To Create: 

Cash Flow and
Residual Income!

Our Synergy Family is committed to your success. We work as a team and provide you with marketing strategies, tools, and resources designed to empower you to be Elite Honors Qualified, which is the building block of your Synergy business.

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Welcome to Our 10 10 Club! 

As the above headline states, this business model is designed to create both cash flow and residual income by using a systematic approach to building your Synergy Worldwide Business.

  • Watch the video below, and click on the PDF image, so that you can obtain an overview of The 10 10 Club. And how it can help you build a dynamic Synergy business.
  • Then decide which Marketing Strategy you're going to use to create cash flow and residual income to help lead you to financial independence.

Click on the Image above to View the PDF Dan used in the above video.

Our 10 10 Club Rewards Program

We believe the 10 10 Club is a powerful way to build your Synergy Worldwide business.  If you're in the left leg of Dane Iorg and Dan Hammer, then they would like to reward you for using this systematic approach. Watch the video below and download the PDF to understand how this Rewards Program works.

PDF for the 10 10 Club Rewards Program

Our 10 10 Club Mind Map

To help you visually understand the 10 10 Club we had a special mind map created by Dan Geroy.  It will help you understand the need for 10 Loyal Customers to create Cash Flow for your Synergy business.  And developing 10 Committed Business Builders to create Residual Income for your Synergy business.  

It's Decision Time

As you know by watching the above videos we have 3 Core Marketing Strategies.  If you're ready, then it is time to decide which marketing strategy you're going to use to build your Synergy Business.

  • Once you've decided, then click on the strategy below that best fuels your passion to help others improve their health.
  • You will then go to a dedicated page for that strategy. One that will help you implement the 10 10 Club as it applies to that marketing strategy. How to grow your customer base to 10 monthly orders to create $300 to $500 or more in monthly cash flow.
  • How to attract your business builders to help them find their mission and marketing strategy to build their monthly cash flow. And then attract their core 10 distributors all using this systematic approach to building their Synergy business resulting in $1000 to $2000 or more in residual income.

If you're ready to

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Bless Lives With Better Health as You Build a 

Vibrant Network Marketing Business in Synergy Worldwide

then click on the marketing strategy that best represents your passion for improving your health and the health of others.

Questions or Need Help then Please Contact

Dan Hammer


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Dan Hammer

Blessing Lives with Better Health

As We Build a Vibrant Network Marketing Business in Synergy Worldwide